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pick_out (verb)


  1. [Roland Kollmann]PASSER skipped clear of Rangers right-back Zurab Khizanishvilli before picking out [Joachim Standfest]RECIPIENT , who found goalkeeper Stefan Klos alert enough to come off his line and block. [79750 / p4]
  2. [An unmarked Galletti]PASSER was given the time to pick out [Sávio Bortolini]RECIPIENT , and though the striker missed his chance, Alvaro was on hand to apply a simple finish. [79956 / p7]
  3. Chris Riggott’s misplaced pass allowed [Kollman]PASSER to pick out [Bazina]RECIPIENT [in the box]TARGET , but the Croatian was denied by a fine Schwarzer save. [79934 / p6]
  4. Breaking into the box from the right, however, [he]PASSER was unable to pick out [Goran Lovre]RECIPIENT, who was waiting in front of goal for the final pass. [79364 / p4]

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Frame elements

PASSER [Player] RECIPIENT [Player] TARGET [On_The_Field_Location]

picking out Roland KollmannJoachim Standfest
pick out An unmarked GallettiSávio Bortolini
pick out KollmanBazinain the box
pick out heGoran Lovre