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equalise (verb)


  1. The ineffective França made way for Voronin and [the Ukrainian]SCORER made his presence felt almost immediately, equalising [for Leverkusen]SCORER_TEAM [from close range]SOURCE on 59 minutes after Ponté's fierce drive had been palmed down by Shovkovskiy. [1077163 / p9]
  2. [CSKA]SCORER_TEAM responded well, upping the pressure and might have equalised on 75 minutes but substitute Hristo Yanev fired wide with the goal gaping. [79280 / p6]
  3. But only three minutes after the break, [Aleksandr Kulchiy]SCORER equalised [for Belarus]SCORER_TEAM , and the spoils were shared. [75306 / p2]
  4. However, [Thompson]SCORER soon equalised as he shot through Eugen Hmaruc's legs after being found in the box by Darren Fletcher. [75303 / p4]
  5. Romania, meanwhile, returned form the half-time break sluggish, and it was no more than F.Y.R. Macedonia deserved when [Vasovski]SCORER equalised on 74 minutes [with a close-range header]SHOT . [75142 / p5]
  6. Despite this, they had looked well-poised after [Boško Balaban]SCORER equalised [Julius Aghahowa's early goal]PREVIOUS_SCORE , but Mircea Lucescu's side scored three times in the last 20 minutes to take control of the tie ahead of the return in Belgium on 25 August. [79354 / p2]

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PREVIOUS_SCORE [Score] SCORER [Player] SCORER_TEAM [Team] SHOT [Moving_Ball] SOURCE [On_The_Field_Location]

equalising the Ukrainianfor Leverkusenfrom close range
might have equalised CSKA
equalised Aleksandr Kulchiyfor Belarus
equalised Thompson
equalised Vasovskiwith a close-range header
equalised Julius Aghahowa's early g...Boško Balaban