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attempt (noun)


  1. Seconds after seeing a shot tipped over the bar, Liedson diverted an [Anderson Polga]SHOOTER attempt into the net from close range for a deserved equaliser. [80791 / p8]
  2. [Voronin's]SHOOTER attempt was good enough to beat Shovkovskiy, but struck an upright. [1077227 / p10]
  3. After a dangerous break Chris Riggott did well to block [Liedson's]SHOOTER attempt. [80104 / p5]
  4. Torsten Frings shot on goal but [his]SHOOTER attempt lacked pace and was collected easily by Gianluigi Buffon. [1077181 / p5]
  5. Substitute Bjorn Vleminckx had a chance to restore the home side's two-goal cushion when he beat goalkeeper Carlos to the ball, but [his]SHOOTER attempt , [just three metres from goal]SOURCE, was off target. [79312 / p5]
  6. Stuttgart had taken an unshakeable hold on the game and their defending did not allow much scope for Dinamo to threaten, but [Pranjic]SHOOTER did spy an opportunity on being played into space to the left of goal, only to drag his attempt [beyond the far post]TARGET. [79769 / p6]

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SHOOTER [Player] SOURCE [On_The_Field_Location] TARGET [On_The_Field_Location]

attempt Anderson Polga
attempt Voronin's
attempt Liedson's
attempt his
attempt hisjust three metres from go...
to drag attempt Pranjicbeyond the far post