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Shot Scene


A shot Shot   Finish  
The shot's path Hit   Miss_Goal  
Interventions Intervene   Save   Shoot_At  
Follow-ups Follow_Up  
Others Feign   Goal_Kickoff   Ball_And_Goal   Shot_Supports  
Related frames Set_Piece   Set_Piece   Defense_Shot  


A shot

The Shot scenario is centered around the event of a player directing the ball to a target on the field. Typically, the target is the opponent's goal, and the shot is carried out in the intention of scoring a goal. The main protagonist of the scenario is the shooter. Using a part of his body, the shooter directs the ball towards the opponent's goal. The ball moves from the source location on the field along a path to a target location. In some cases, the moving ball (typically a pass from a team-mate) that brought the shooter into a position to carry out the shot can be mentioned. Sometimes, a shot is construed as the final stage of a move by the shooter's team.

The frame Shot contains LUs which describe a shot from the shooter's point of view. The Finish frame contains LUs that construe a shot as the last stage of a move by the shooter's team.

The shot's path

After the shooter takes the shot, i.e. after the ball leaves the source of the shot, it moves in some way towards its target. The more general LUs for describing the motion of the ball are to be found in frames in the Motion scenario. If the shot ends up inside the opponent's goal, a goal is scored. LUs describing this are to be found in the Goal scenario.

LUs describing that the shot ends up at some part (typically not the inside) of the opponent's goal are assembled in the frame Hit. LUs describing that the ball fails to reach its target without being acted upon by another player than the shooter are assembled in the frame Miss_Goal.


Between a shot's source and its (intended) target, there are intervening players of both the shooter's team and the opponent team. These may interact with the shot, either accidentally because they do not manage to get out of the shot's path, or deliberately because they make an effort to keep the ball from reaching its target or because they make an effort to change its path so that it is more likely to end up in goal. A special intervening player is the opponent's goalkeeper who will try to catch the ball or at least keep it from going inside goal.

The intervention location is the place on the field where such an intervention takes place. The intervention target is the place towards which the ball moves as a result of such an intervention. The intervention result is the outcome of the fact that some intervening player has acted upon the shot (typically, this is a corner for the shooter's team).

The frame Intervene contains LUs that describe interventions whose agents can be field players of either team or the opponent's goalkeeper. The frame Save contains LUs describing intervening actions that can only be carried out by the opponent's goalkeeper. The frame Shoot_At contains LUs that describe an intervention (or the lack thereof) from the shooter's (instead of the intervening player's) point of view.


If a shot is only partially cleared, for instance when an intervening player blocks it without controlling it or when it bounces off the goalpost, a second shooter (who my be identical to the original shooter) may try a follow-up shot. LUs describing this kind of action are to be found in the frame Follow_Up


Sometimes, a player only acts as if he is going to take a shot, thereby putting a team-mate in a favorable position to shoot at or move towards goal. The frame Feign contains LUs describing this kind of action.

If the goalkeeper has brought a shot under his control, he will bring the ball back into play. LUs describing this action are to be found in the frame Goal_Kickoff

To describe the shot's trajectory, some special LUs exist which put the shot's source in relation to the opponent's goal (or a part thereof). These LUs are to be found in the frame Ball_And_Goal

Nominal LUs in the Shot scenario can be supported by a number of verbs that specify the manner of shooting. These are to be found in the frame Shot_Supports.

Related frames

A free-kick (frame Set_Piece) can be realized either as a pass or as a shot.

A penalty (also frame Set_Piece) is also a special kind of shot.

A defense shot (frame Defense_Shot) is a shot from the defense that is neither directed at goal nor intended as a pass