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Motion Scene


The ball moves Ball_Move   Ball_Land   Ball_Escape  
A bouncing ball Ball_Bounce  
A player moves Player_Move   Player_Move_With_Ball   Goalkeeper_Advance  
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The Motion scenario contains frames with LUs that describe the motion of the ball or of a player on the field.

The ball moves

The motion of the ball is described either by referring to the ball itself or to the ball construed as a moving ball, typically a shot or a pass. The ball moves in a certain direction from the source location on the field along a path to a target location. Sometimes, rather than an actual part of the field, a recipient, i.e. a player to whom the ball moves, is used to specify the ball's target location. If the ball's motion is not very fast or straight, it can also be described in terms of an area containing in some unspecified way the source, path, direction and target.

The frame Ball_Move contains LUs describing a moving ball without a specific perspective. LUs in the frame Ball_Land focus the target location of the ball. LUs in the frame Ball_Escape describe how the ball moves away from a player.

A bouncing ball

Bouncing is a special type of ball motion in which the ball suddenly changes direction because it has hit some object - typically a player or a part of the goal. LUs describing this kind of motion are to be found in the frame Ball_Bounce.

A player moves

Like the ball's motion, the motion of a field player of a goalkeeperis described in terms of a source and a target location on the field, and a path between these two locations. LUs for describing a player's motion without (or at least not necessarily with) the ball are to be found in the frame Player_Move. The frame Player_Move_With_Ball contains LUs to describe that a player is in possession of the ball while moving. LUs in the frame Goalkeeper_Advance, finally, describe how a goalkeeper advances on an attacking opponent.

Related frames

The ball's motion plays a crucial role in numerous other frames, most notably those in the Shot, Pass and Goal scenarios.