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strike (noun)


  1. The Czech Republic were in control and moments later Heinz broke clear, but [his]SHOOTER powerful strike was again turned away. [75143 / p5]
  2. A strike [by Romeo Castelen]SHOOTER found its way through to Kuijt who, from close range, made no mistake. [75147 / p4]
  3. Phillip Cocu opened the scoring after 21 minutes and Arjen Robben - who had made the first and was to create the third - doubled the lead later in the half with a strike [from the edge of the penalty area]SOURCE. [75152 / p2]
  4. On 56 minutes Dellas's block kept out [Voronin's]SHOOTER strike, then Nikopolidis turned away Andriy Rusol's diving header. [75189 / p8]
  5. Martin Jørgensen went close from 14 metres in the eighth minute and soon after Jon Dahl Tomasson's darting run caught out the Ukraine defence but [his]SHOOTER strike was cleared off the line by defender Andriy Rusol. [75201 / p4]

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SHOOTER [Player] SOURCE [On_The_Field_Location]

strike his
strike by Romeo Castelen
strike from the edge of the pena...
strike Voronin's
strike his