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chip (noun)


  1. [Samir Aliyev's]SHOOTER clever chip six minutes later landed on the roof of the net, while Jeff Whitley's shot was stopped by home goalkeeper Jahangir Hasanzade. [75333 / p5]
  2. Schalke came close on three minutes when [Ailton's]SHOOTER chip [from 20 metres]SOURCE landed on the roof of Craig Gordon's net. [79700 / p3]
  3. Hugo Viana then capped a dominant performance by the home team with the goal of the game – a sublime chip [from the edge of the box]SOURCE. [79707 / p9]
  4. Just before the hour [Reoven Oved]SHOOTER sent a clever chip [over both HJK goalkeeper Andras Vilnrotter and the crossbar]TARGET. [79236 / p4]
  5. Aimar found Francisco Rufete [whose]SHOOTER [left-footed]PART_OF_BODY chip enabled Angulo to muscle past Lamine Traore just six metres from goal, and as the Spaniard prepared to shoot, Kompany arrived with an outstandingly timed tackle. [1077157 / p5]
  6. Not content to sit back after gaining the early advantage they craved, Ajax could have doubled their lead on 12 minutes when [the lively Sneijder]SHOOTER sent a chip [onto the roof of the net]TARGET [from the edge of the box]SOURCE . [1077182 / p4]

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PART_OF_BODY [Part_Of_Body] SHOOTER [Player] SOURCE [On_The_Field_Location] TARGET [On_The_Field_Location]

chip Samir Aliyev's
chip Ailton'sfrom 20 metres
chip from the edge of the box
sent chip Reoven Ovedover both HJK goalkeeper ...
chip left-footedwhose
sent chip the lively Sneijderfrom the edge of the boxonto the roof of the net