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shackle (verb)


  1. [Tal Ben Haim]MARKER was deployed on the right of a three-man Israeli defence to attempt to shackle [Damien Duff]MARKED_PLAYER, but the game was still in its early stages when the Chelsea FC winger skipped past Omri Afek and sent a cross past Ben Haim into the path of Morrison, who span off Shimon Gershon and sent a powerful shot high into the goal. [75278 / p4]
  2. [The defence-minded Stylianos Venetidis]MARKER was preferred on the left to Grigoris Georgatos in a bid to shackle [Deportivo's Pedro Munitis]MARKED_PLAYER. [1077210 / p5]
  3. [A cramped midfield of Carsten Ramelow, Bernd Schneider and Marko Babic]MARKER – preferred to striker Andrej Voronin – kept [Roma captain Francesco Totti]MARKED_PLAYER shackled and the echoes around the empty stadium appeared to subdue the mood of both sides. [1077196 / p5]
  4. [Ronaldo]MARKED_PLAYER, who had been closely shackled [by Leandro Cufré and Dellas]MARKER, broke free but his low volley skidded across the face of goal. [1077164 / p7]
  5. [Slovenia's most potent attacker, Milenko Acimovic]MARKED_PLAYER, was also expertly shackled [by the Italian backline]MARKER, but that did create space for fellow forward Ermin Šiljak. [75298 / p7]
  6. Despite seeing plenty of the ball, the French team were finding it hard to create any threat as the half-hour passed, with [strikers Javier Saviola and Emmanuel Adebayor]MARKED_PLAYER well shackled [by the PSV defence]MARKER. [1081501 / p6]
  7. None the less, Georgia started the second half brightly, but [forwards Shota Arveladze and Sandro Iashvili]MARKED_PLAYER were well shackled [by the home defence]MARKER. [75192 / p4]

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to shackle Damien DuffTal Ben Haim
to shackle Deportivo's Pedro MunitisThe defence-minded Stylia...
kept shackled Roma captain Francesco To...A cramped midfield of Car...
had been shackled Ronaldoby Leandro Cufré and Dell...
was shackled Slovenia's most potent at...by the Italian backline
shackled strikers Javier Saviola a...by the PSV defence
were shackled forwards Shota Arveladze ...by the home defence