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rob (verb)


An opponent player (OPPONENT_PLAYER) takes the ball (BALL) from the player in possession (PLAYER_WITH_BALL). The location on the pitch where this happens (LOCATION) can be mentioned.


  1. France were struggling to get a foothold in the game when [Kilbane]OPPONENT_PLAYER robbed [Mavuba]PLAYER_WITH_BALL in the eleventh minute and saw his powerful shot deflect wide for a corner. [75272 / p4]
  2. Longford, despite their poor recent form domestically, started brightest but Sean Prunty spurned a promising opportunity when firing the ball across the face of goal after a combination of Eric Lavine and [Vinny Perth]OPPONENT_PLAYER who had robbed [Vaduz captain Martin Stocklasa]PLAYER_WITH_BALL [in midfield]AREA . [79066 / p3]
  3. As Vilnrotter hesitated, [Larmour]OPPONENT_PLAYER nipped in and robbed [him]PLAYER_WITH_BALL . [79111 / p4]
  4. Seven minutes after the restart, HJK went close again when [Reoven Oved]PLAYER_WITH_BALL was robbed [in midfield]AREA , and the visitors broke. [79237 / p4]
  5. Nevertheless, on 37 minutes, Rangers did find a way through as [Pršo]OPPONENT_PLAYER robbed [defender Vasili Berezutskiy]PLAYER_WITH_BALL and fed Novo. [79352 / p5]
  6. [Tymoschuk]PLAYER_WITH_BALL was then robbed [of the ball]BALL [in midfield]AREA almost allowing Xavi Hernandéz's pass to Giuly to create a second goal. [1077171 / p6]
  7. [Henry]OPPONENT_PLAYER then robbed [Wilfred Bouma]PLAYER_WITH_BALL [inside the PSV penalty area]AREA , but shot wide. [1077218 / p5]

Semantic relations


Frame elements

AREA [On_The_Field_Location] BALL [Ball] OPPONENT_PLAYER [Player] PLAYER_WITH_BALL [Player]

robbed KilbaneMavuba
had robbed in midfieldVinny PerthVaduz captain Martin Stoc...
robbed Larmourhim
was robbed in midfieldReoven Oved
robbed Pršodefender Vasili Berezutsk...
was robbed in midfieldof the ballTymoschuk
robbed inside the PSV penalty ar...HenryWilfred Bouma