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One_On_One Scene


A one-on-one situation One_On_One   Challenge   Take_On  
The outcome of a one-on-one situation Beat   Deny   Lose_Ball  
Others Trick  
Related frames Mark   Player_Move_With_Ball  


A one-on-one situation

The One_On_One scenario is centered around the event of two players competing in direct interaction to get into (or remain in) possession of the ball. Two basic constellations must be differentiated:

In the first constellation, one player (Player With Ball) is in possession of the ball and attempts to move with the ball past an Opponent Player who, in turn, is also trying to get hold of the ball.

In the second constellation, neither of the two players (Player1 and Player2) is yet in possession of the ball. Rather, they are both simultaneously attempting to get to a moving ball (typically, a pass from one of the two player's team-mates).

In both cases, the Area on the pitch where this takes place can be mentioned.

LUs describing the situation without a specific perspective are in the frame One_On_One. LUs in the frame Challenge take the perspective of the opponent player. LUs in the frame Take_On take the perspective of the player with the ball.

The outcome of a one-on-one situation

One possible outcome of a one-on-one situation is that the player with the ball succeeds in getting past his opponent player. The frame Beat contains LUs describing this outcome.

Another possible outcome is that the opposite happens: the opponent player manages to get into possession of the ball. LUs describing this from the opponent player's point of view are to be found in the frame Deny. The frame Lose_Ball contains LUs describing the same event from the other player's point of view.


In a one-on-one situtation, the player with the ball can make use of certain tricks to get past his opponent. LUs describing such tricks are in the frame Trick.

Related frames

Another possible (and not infrequent) outcome of a one-on-one situtation is that one of the two players commits a foul on the other. This and the ensuing events are covered in the scenario Foul.

Typically, the opponent player in a one-on-one situtation is a defender who has been assigned to mark the player with the ball. LUs to do with marking are to be found in the frame Mark

LUs in the Player_Move_With_Ball may describe actions that somehow include one-on-one situations.