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tackle (noun)


  1. Ervin Skela seemed to have slipped away from both Rusol and Anatoliy Tymoschuk, but [the latter]OPPONENT_PLAYER produced a last-ditch tackle to prevent a one-on-one with Ukraine goalkeeper Olexandr Shovkovskiy. [75197 / p3]
  2. Michal Golinski went close from distance and Zbigniew Zakrzewski almost snapped up the rebound from goalkeeper Volodymyr Savtchenko's parry but Terek looked classy on the counterattack and only [last defender Zbigniew Wojcik's]OPPONENT_PLAYER tackle saved Lech when Sndrei Fedkov closed in on goal. [79287 / p4]
  3. With the game being played on Rosh Hashana, only 5,300 fans turned up to the Bloomfield stadium in Jaffa, and the hosts began the match with pressure on Dnipro's goal from the start with [Andriy Rusol's]OPPONENT_PLAYER perfectly timed tackle denying Yaniv Katan from breaking the deadlock in the 21st minute. [79586 / p2]
  4. Then the diminutive Kerzhakov ghosted into the penalty area and nearly levelled matters, until he was halted by a timely tackle [by Stéphane Dumont]OPPONENT_PLAYER . [79746 / p7]
  5. By then, Cannavaro had already been sent off for a two-footed tackle [on Kevin Kuranyi]PLAYER_WITH_BALL . [79941 / p2]
  6. It was the home side who rediscovered their rhythm quickest after half-time, with [Hyypiä]OPPONENT_PLAYER called upon to make a crucial saving tackle as Cole prepared to shoot having pounced on a short goal kick from Dudek. [1086477 / p7]
  7. England's only worry was the sight of Beckham limping off the pitch near the end after a tackle [with Ben Thatcher]OPPONENT_PLAYER . [75332 / p7]

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produced tackle the latter
tackle last defender Zbigniew Wo...
tackle Andriy Rusol's
tackle by Stéphane Dumont
tackle on Kevin Kuranyi
to make tackle Hyypiä
tackle with Ben Thatcher