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challenge (verb)


  1. [Porto's Jorge Costa]OPPONENT_PLAYER (left) challenges [Ivica Olic]PLAYER_WITH_BALL [1077160 / back1]
  2. [Amica's Jaroslaw Bieniuk]OPPONENT_PLAYER (left) challenges [Jan Kromkamp]PLAYER_WITH_BALL [79751 / back1]
  3. Teever was again involved, sending in a dangerous cross from the right, and when [Zahovaiko]OPPONENT_PLAYER challenged [Manou Schauls]PLAYER_WITH_BALL [in the penalty area]AREA , the Luxembourg defender directed the ball into his own goal. [75227 / p5]
  4. [Romania goalscorer Daniel Pancu]PLAYER_WITH_BALL is challenged [by Andorra's Sivera]OPPONENT_PLAYER [75145 / back1]
  5. [Udinese's Emilson Cribari and Alexandros Tziolis of Panionios]PLAYERS challenge [for possession]BALL [79608 / back1]
  6. Central defender Anton Ehman went close with a near-post header from Kollman's free-kick on 21 minutes but the best chance of the half fell to Imants Bleidelis after [Franck Queudrue and Gareth Southgate]PLAYERS had challenged [for the same ball]BALL . [79934 / p4]
  7. That would not have worried them unduly but the next piece of significant action certainly did as a Panathinaikos free-kick was headed on towards the far post - and as [Cole]OPPONENT_PLAYER challenged [for the ball]BALL he was adjudged to have fouled Papadopoulos. [1077202 / p10]

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AREA [On_The_Field_Location] BALL [Ball] OPPONENT_PLAYER [Player] PLAYER_WITH_BALL [Player] PLAYERS [Player]

challenges Porto's Jorge CostaIvica Olic
challenges Amica's Jaroslaw BieniukJan Kromkamp
challenged in the penalty areaZahovaikoManou Schauls
is challenged by Andorra's SiveraRomania goalscorer Daniel...
challenge for possessionUdinese's Emilson Cribari...
had challenged for the same ballFranck Queudrue and Garet...
challenged for the ballCole