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rebound (verb)


  1. The Greek side had another narrow escape on 21 minutes when Gerrard met Alonso's corner with a deft flick but [the ball]BALL rebounded [to safety]TARGET [off the bottom of the post]SOURCE. [1077225 / p6]
  2. At the other end Sidney Govou came close to doubling his side's lead in the 67th minute, meeting Lamine Diatta's right-wing cross with [a glancing header]MOVING_BALL that beat Heinke only to hit the right-hand post and rebound [into the goalkeeper's grateful arms]TARGET. [1081511 / p8]
  3. His hard work finally paid off six minutes before the break when, after [Phillip Cocu's shot]MOVING_BALL rebounded [off the crossbar]SOURCE, he smashed the ball home from close range. [75151 / p5]
  4. Neither side was able to take control of the game in the first half, with Frankowski coming closest to finding the net in the second minute, only to see [his deflected effort]MOVING_BALL rebound [off the crossbar]SOURCE. [79579 / p3]
  5. Didulica beat the ball away but [it]BALL rebounded [back to Moreno]TARGET whose cross found top scorer David Villa. [79705 / p3]

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BALL [Ball] MOVING_BALL [Moving_Ball] SOURCE [On_The_Field_Location] TARGET [On_The_Field_Location]

rebounded the balloff the bottom of the pos...to safety
rebound a glancing headerinto the goalkeeper's gra...
rebounded Phillip Cocu's shotoff the crossbar
rebound his deflected effortoff the crossbar
rebounded itback to Moreno