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bounce (verb)


  1. In the eleventh minute Edgar Manucharyan got behind the Czech defence only to see [his fierce shot]MOVING_BALL bounce [off the top of the crossbar]SOURCE , and then had a strike disallowed for offside a minute later. [75149 / p3]
  2. The Fulham FC winger was instrumental in the opening goal, when he was presented with an easy chance from Ferreira's cross but contrived to fire against the bar, though his blushes were spared as [the ball]BALL hit defender Federspiel and bounced [in]TARGET . [75237 / p4]
  3. With the goalkeeper stranded, [the ball]BALL bounced [off the top of the crossbar]SOURCE and Ivan Bošnjak was unable to capitalise on the rebound. [79613 / p8]
  4. Indeed, the visitors dominated possession and carved out the better chances, not least when [Edin Mujcin's clever chip from the edge of the box]MOVING_BALL bounced [off the crossbar]SOURCE on 75 minutes. [79613 / p3]
  5. Vlaar was helpless as [a hopeful long-range shot]MOVING_BALL bounced [off his legs]SOURCE and [into the path of Duoala]TARGET , and the Cameroonian duly levelled. [80790 / p8]

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BALL [Ball] MOVING_BALL [Moving_Ball] SOURCE [On_The_Field_Location] TARGET [On_The_Field_Location]

bounce his fierce shotoff the top of the crossb...
bounced the ballin
bounced the balloff the top of the crossb...
bounced Edin Mujcin's clever chip...off the crossbar
bounced a hopeful long-range shotoff his legsinto the path of Duoala