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palm (verb)


  1. Ronaldo burst into the box on three minutes and shot fiercely at goal, but [Viacheslav Malafeev]GOALKEEPER palmed [his effort]SHOT [away]INTERVENTION_TARGET . [75234 / p4]
  2. [The goalkeeper]GOALKEEPER then palmed [away]INTERVENTION_TARGET [Stewart's free-kick]SHOT , but as the home side attacked they left themselves exposed at the back, and Marek Penksa was frustrated to shoot wide following Aleksandar Bajevski's left-wing break. [79725 / p5]
  3. Christian Manfredini made a run from the right before sending in [a stinging low drive]SHOT which was palmed [into the path of oncoming striker Simone Inzaghi]INTERVENTION_TARGET [by goalkeeper José Manuel Reina]GOALKEEPER . [79733 / p5]
  4. Newcastle became even more comfortable a quarter of an hour later when captain Shearer smashed [a low free-kick]SHOT which [goalkeeper Brian Vanderbussche]GOALKEEPER could only palm [into the net]INTERVENTION_TARGET . [79937 / p5]
  5. Xavi curled an injury-time free-kick towards the bottom corner, only for [Karcemarskas]GOALKEEPER to palm [it]SHOT [away]INTERVENTION_TARGET , and then recover in time to block Raúl González's follow-up when the striker seemed certain to score. [75361 / p8]

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Frame elements

GOALKEEPER [Goalkeeper] INTERVENTION_TARGET [On_The_Field_Location] SHOT [Moving_Ball]

palmed Viacheslav Malafeevawayhis effort
palmed The goalkeeperawayStewart's free-kick
was palmed by goalkeeper José Manuel...into the path of oncoming...a stinging low drive
could palm goalkeeper Brian Vanderbu...into the neta low free-kick
to palm Karcemarskasawayit