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stop (verb)


  1. At the other end [Jens Lehmann]GOALKEEPER went full length to stop [Basinas's speculative effort]SHOT. [1077202 / p6]
  2. Van Der Sar was alert though as [he]GOALKEEPER stopped [a header from Aleksandar Bajevski]SHOT. [75147 / p6]
  3. [Two more away efforts]SHOT were stopped in similar fashion before the break, but after the interval both teams came out strongly. [75150 / p3]
  4. On 21 minutes Andorra goalkeeper Koldo Alvarez was called into action as [he]GOALKEEPER stopped [Aleksandar Vasoski's close-range shot]SHOT following a scramble in the box. [75155 / p3]
  5. Gökdeniz Karadeniz further tested a tiring Albanian defence, but Elion Lika kept the deficit down when [he]GOALKEEPER stopped [the substitute's close-range shot]SHOT. [75199 / p6]
  6. Serghei Covalciuc and Iulian Bursuc both shot wide, while Scotland's best effort was [a long-range Colin Cameron shot]SHOT stopped [by Hmaruc]GOALKEEPER. [75303 / p5]
  7. Samir Aliyev's clever chip six minutes later landed on the roof of the net, while [Jeff Whitley's shot]SHOT was stopped [by home goalkeeper Jahangir Hasanzade]GOALKEEPER. [75333 / p5]

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GOALKEEPER [Goalkeeper] SHOT [Moving_Ball]

to stop Jens LehmannBasinas's speculative eff...
stopped hea header from Aleksandar ...
were stopped Two more away efforts
stopped heAleksandar Vasoski's clos...
stopped hethe substitute's close-ra...
stopped by Hmaruca long-range Colin Camero...
was stopped by home goalkeeper Jahang...Jeff Whitley's shot