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break (verb)


  1. [Kezman]PLAYER broke [into the area]TARGET [from the left]SOURCE and finished superbly, shooting past Proto to make the score 2-0. [75364 / p5]
  2. Hungary were content to let Sweden have plenty of possession in the opening 15 minutes but the home side failed to capitalise, especially when [Christian Wilhelmsson]PLAYER broke [through the defence]PATH only to narrowly miss the target with his shot. [75393 / p3]
  3. Fair Play entrants Öster knew they needed to score tonight after a 2-2 first-leg draw a fortnight ago, but the home side began strongly and on two minutes [striker Aleksandr Katasonov]PLAYER broke [into the area]TARGET and shot only just wide. [79329 / p2]
  4. [Di Vaio]PLAYER broke [into the area]TARGET, and after Reinke had blocked his shot Corradi could only head the loose ball over the crossbar. [1077173 / p8]
  5. Two minutes later [Gustavo Boccoli]PLAYER came close to doubling the score as he shrugged of a defender before breaking [into the area]TARGET. [79586 / p5]
  6. But CSKA created little: Jirí Jarošik had one effort from distance held by Lionel Letizi, before [Vágner Love]PLAYER broke [into the box]TARGET only for Sylvain Armand to deprived him of a shooting opportunity. [1077175 / p5]
  7. [The lively Tobias Hysén]PLAYER broke [into the middle]TARGET but shot just over the bar moments later - and he was involved in the Swedish side's equaliser on 19 minutes when he rounded Liliam Thuram and sent a ball zipping across the Juve area. [79345 / p4]

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AREA [On_The_Field_Location] PATH [On_The_Field_Location] PLAYER [Player] SOURCE [On_The_Field_Location] TARGET [On_The_Field_Location]

broke Kezmanfrom the leftinto the area
broke through the defenceChristian Wilhelmsson
broke striker Aleksandr Katason...into the area
broke Di Vaiointo the area
breaking Gustavo Boccoliinto the area
broke Vágner Loveinto the box
broke The lively Tobias Hyséninto the middle