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find (verb)


  1. The Belgian first division team did subsequently press home their advantage, however, [Seydou Kante]PASSER finding [Ne]RECIPIENT [with a good pass]PASS and the best player on the pitch delicately lobbed the ball over the advancing Carlos to make it 3-1. [79312 / p5]
  2. With the home defence committed, Hungary claimed their second in the final seconds, [Hajnal]PASSER finding [Kovács]RECIPIENT , who tapped into an empty net. [75396 / p8]
  3. [Beck]PASSER was allowed to dribble a long way forward before finding [Burgmeier]RECIPIENT , who benefited from an unfortunate touch off Portugal right-back Paulo Ferreira to drive past Ricardo. [75231 / p6]
  4. But at the other end Aram Voskanyan, making his first competitive appearance for Armenia, was also proving dangerous and on 33 minutes [captain Harutyun Vardanyan]PASSER found [Edgar Manucharyan]RECIPIENT , who fed the striker, but his shot was blocked by defender Cristian Dancia. [75154 / p3]
  5. But four minutes later Denmark were 2-0 up, as [Jesper Grønkjær]PASSER found [Tomasson]RECIPIENT [with a fine pass into the area]PASS and the AC Milan striker placed the ball past Strakosha at the near post from close range. [75188 / p5]
  6. [The FC Barcelona playmaker]PASSER then found [Simão Sabrosa]RECIPIENT , only for his shot to deflect wide off a Slovakian defender. [75242 / p4]

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PASS [Moving_Ball] PASSER [Player] RECIPIENT [Player]

finding with a good passSeydou KanteNe
finding HajnalKovács
finding BeckBurgmeier
found captain Harutyun Vardanya...Edgar Manucharyan
found with a fine pass into the...Jesper GrønkjærTomasson
found The FC Barcelona playmake...Simão Sabrosa