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square (verb)


  1. The winning goal did arrive ten minutes from time, and it was [Viikmae]PASSER who was the instigator, charging down an attempted clearance from Liechtenstein left-back Michael Stocklasa before drawing the goalkeeper and unselfishly squaring [for Lindpere]RECIPIENT to roll in. [75223 / p7]
  2. Three minutes later PSV made the advantage count, Beasley tapping into an empty net after [Park]PASSER cleverly squared [the ball]BALL [for him]RECIPIENT .
  3. Seconds later [Zé Roberto]PASSER danced past Huth and squared [for Pizarro]RECIPIENT , but the Peruvian's shot was palmed away by Petr Cech.
  4. On 61 minutes Nuno Valente curled in from the left and as Toldo grasped at air, [Costinha at the far post]PASSER squared and Ricardo Costa forced the ball in. [1081505 / p8]
  5. [Sionko]PASSER scampered clear on the right before squaring [for Gilewicz]RECIPIENT just five minutes after the restart. [79720 / p6]
  6. [Di Canio]PASSER squared [the ball]BALL [to Muzzi]RECIPIENT and he struck a low outswinging shot through a crowd of Egaleo defenders and beyond a wrong-footed Srdan Kljajevic. [79757 / p6]

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Frame elements

BALL [Ball] PASSER [Player] RECIPIENT [Player]

squaring Viikmaefor Lindpere
squared the ballParkfor him
squared Zé Robertofor Pizarro
squared Costinha at the far post
squaring Sionkofor Gilewicz
squared the ballDi Canioto Muzzi