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cut_out (verb)


  1. But, seconds later, Blazek was helpless when [Kovác]INTERCEPTOR cut out [a cross aimed at Nobre]PASS only to put the ball into his own net. [1077215 / p5]
  2. [De Boeck]INTERCEPTOR made another vital clearance ten minutes later, arriving just in time to cut out [Klasnic's cross]PASS with Klose lurking. [1077205 / p9]
  3. [PSV's Brazilian No1]INTERCEPTOR enjoyed better fortune in cutting out [a Wiltord cross]PASS in the 15th minute and the striker was then alive to another weak Bouma pass, although so was Alex as he dived in to sweep the ball clear. [1084883 / p4]
  4. HJK had enjoyed plenty of possession but it was not until ten minutes before the break that they really turned that into a threat when [William Hunter]INTERCEPTOR was forced to cut out [a dangerous cross from Alexei Eremenko]PASS. [79111 / p5]
  5. At the other end [Gallas]INTERCEPTOR cut out [a promising diagonal pass from Gerrard destined for García]PASS, and a speculative Hamann effort was comfortably gathered by Cech at chest height, before John Terry escaped when a Gerrard cross made contact with his hand just outside the penalty area. [1086478 / p8]

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INTERCEPTOR [Player] PASS [Moving_Ball]

cut out Kováca cross aimed at Nobre
to cut out De BoeckKlasnic's cross
cutting out PSV's Brazilian No1a Wiltord cross
was forced to cut out William Huntera dangerous cross from Al...
cut out Gallasa promising diagonal pass...