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miss (verb)


A player (RECIPIENT) for whom a pass (PASS) is intended fails to receive the pass.


  1. [Gordon]RECIPIENT missed [an inswinging corner from Magne Hoset]PASS and Carew's header was sailing into the net until McFadden handled on the line. [75299 / p6]
  2. Heartbreak followed when [Valérien Ismaël's long ball]PASS was missed [by Emiliano Moretti]RECIPIENT and Valdez rounded Cañizares to score. [1077237 / p9]
  3. Rangers finally responded after 26 minutes when [Dado Pršo's right-wing cross]PASS was just missed [by Hamed Namouchi]RECIPIENT [only four metres from goal]TARGET . [79766 / p4]
  4. The second goal came after 21 minutes when [a long clearance upfield]PASS was missed [by James Collins]RECIPIENT , making his first start in a competitive international for Wales, and that enabled Healy to run on and lob Paul Jones to score. [75330 / p4]

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PASS [Moving_Ball] RECIPIENT [Player] TARGET [On_The_Field_Location]

missed an inswinging corner from...Gordon
was missed Valérien Ismaël's long ba...by Emiliano Moretti
was missed Dado Pršo's right-wing cr...by Hamed Namouchionly four metres from goa...
was missed a long clearance upfieldby James Collins