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chest_down (verb)


  1. Eleven minutes later the lead doubled as [Beckham]RECIPIENT beat the Azerbaijan offside trap, chested down [a Lampard through-ball]PASS and crisply side-footed a shot beyond Kramarenko. [75342 / p7]
  2. An even better chance went begging after 59 minutes, when [Joãozinho]RECIPIENT brilliantly chested [the ball]BALL down in the penalty area only to see his subsequent shot rattle off the crossbar. [79553 / p5]
  3. Less than two minutes later, as they both made their way down the tunnel, [Jeff Whitley]RECIPIENT scored his first international goal in five years, chesting down [a free-kick from Mark Clyde]PASS to fire the Irish ahead. [75330 / p3]
  4. Martin Cízek delivered the accurate cross, [Libor Zurek]RECIPIENT smartly chested [the ball]BALL down and his hard shot bounced off the bar into the net. [79351 / p6]
  5. A diagonal ball from Ioannis Christou was flicked on by Thomas Makris to [Chloros]RECIPIENT, who chested down and shot beyond Peruzzi on the swivel. [79757 / p5]
  6. [Meijer]RECIPIENT cleverly slipped into space in the heart of the Zenit defence, chested down [a Pinto cross]PASS, and fired a shot beyond goalkeeper Viacheslav Malafeev. [79763 / p5]
  7. Milan countered with a fine break which concluded with [Shevchenko]RECIPIENT losing the ball to Valdés after chesting [it]BALL down [in the box]TARGET. [1077187 / p7]

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BALL [Ball] PASS [Moving_Ball] RECIPIENT [Player] TARGET [On_The_Field_Location]

chested down a Lampard through-ballBeckham
chested down the ballJoãozinho
chesting down a free-kick from Mark Cly...Jeff Whitley
chested down the ballLibor Zurek
chested down Chloros
chested down a Pinto crossMeijer
chesting down itShevchenkoin the box