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take_off (verb)


  1. With three points all but secure, [Magath]COACH took off [Pizarro]SUBSTITUTED_PLAYER and introduced Sebastian Deisler in an effort to conserve their energy for the forthcoming matches with Juventus FC. [1077165 / p9]
  2. In contrast, [Paolo Maldini]SUBSTITUTED_PLAYER - who was taken off at half-time after receiving a boot to the head - will lead Milan in his seventh European Champion Clubs' Cup final having most recently won the competition in 2003. [1086476 / p3]
  3. [McLeish]COACH decided to make a change at half-time, taking off [ineffective Danish winger Peter Løvenkrands]SUBSTITUTED_PLAYER and bringing on French forward Hamed Namouchi. [79758 / p6]
  4. [Lippi]COACH took off [forwards Alberto Gilardino and Miccoli]SUBSTITUTED_PLAYER [for Bernardo Corradi and Toni]SUBSTITUTE, but on 71 minutes Norway nearly pulled ahead again when Petter Rudi sent in a right-foot volley from close range only for Buffon to save well. [75293 / p7]
  5. Owen, who joined from Liverpool FC in the summer, turned in Ronaldo's cross on 35 minutes to claim what proved the decisive goal, but not long before [Figo]SUBSTITUTED_PLAYER had been taken off clutching his thigh. [1077179 / p2]

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took off MagathPizarro
was taken off Paolo Maldini
taking off McLeishineffective Danish winger...
took off Lippifor Bernardo Corradi and ...forwards Alberto Gilardin...
had been taken off Figo