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boo (verb)


  1. [France]TEAM were booed off the pitch [by the disgruntled home support]SPECTATORS, and will hope to improve as they visit the Faroe Islands on Wednesday. [75265 / p7]
  2. [The Stade de France crowd]SPECTATORS, which had jeered goalkeeper Fabien Barthez and Domenech before the game, booed [the home team]TEAM at the final whistle. [WWW]
  3. The magic went out of the game a little in the second half, replaced by more biting tackles and [some aerial filth]ACTION, which was duly booed [by those traditionalists standing in their seats in the lower tier of the Bobby Moore Stand]SPECTATORS. [WWW]

Semantic relations


Frame elements

ACTION [Action] SPECTATORS [Spectators] TEAM [Team]

were booed by the disgruntled home s...France
booed The Stade de France crowdthe home team
was booed some aerial filthby those traditionalists ...