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steer (verb)


  1. Cocu dragged a long-range shot wide but it was merely a warning to the Lyon defence, as moments later, [the former Dutch international]SHOOTER latched on to a return pass from Park and steered [a left-footed shot]SHOT past Grégory Coupet to set up an intriguing return next Wednesday. [1084881 / p9]
  2. Klasnic fired in a cross for Klose from the left wing on three minutes, but [the German international]SHOOTER steered [his volley]SHOT wide. [1077222 / p5]
  3. The nearest the visitors came was [a ninth-minute header]SHOT, steered wide [by Jiri Homola]SHOOTER from an inviting Pacanda free-kick. [1077151 / p4]

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Frame elements

SHOOTER [Player] SHOT [Moving_Ball]

steered the former Dutch internat...a left-footed shot
steered the German internationalhis volley
steered by Jiri Homolaa ninth-minute header