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drill (verb)


  1. He fed Kallon on the edge of the box and although Kallon's touch looked to have carried him clear of Gorica's backline, [Chevantón]SHOOTER had continued running and pounced on the loose ball ahead of his colleague to drill [a shot]SHOT past Pirih. [79371 / p5]
  2. However, with 57 minutes played, [Athletic's influential forward Joseba Etxeberria]SHOOTER seized on to an Andoni Iraola pass on the edge of the area but drilled [his shot]SHOT wide of the far post. [79946 / p6]
  3. On 38 minutes the Azeri defence failed to deal with a long throw into the box and the ball fell to [John Hartson]SHOOTER who drilled [a low shot]SHOT at goal which Dimitry Kramarenko did well to block with his legs. [75327 / p4]

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Frame elements

SHOOTER [Player] SHOT [Moving_Ball]

to drill Chevantóna shot
drilled Athletic's influential fo...his shot
drilled John Hartsona low shot