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diving_save (noun)


  1. [Hildebrand]GOALKEEPER again had to be alert and produced a superb diving save to keep out a powerful close-range drive from Pisanu. [79940 / p8]
  2. Capello introduced Stephen Appiah for Blasi at the interval and within five minutes, [the Ghanaian]SHOOTER was forcing a diving save [from Nir]GOALKEEPER . [1077230 / p7]
  3. Both sides had chances to establish an advantage for the return at Anfield, with Frank Lampard missing the target with Chelsea's best effort while at the other end [Milan Baroš]SHOOTER forced a diving save [from Petr Cech]GOALKEEPER . [1086477 / p2]
  4. Daniel Oprita headed wide at the other end but the game's biggest threat was [Maccarone]SHOOTER , who drew a fine diving save [from Tudor]GOALKEEPER [with a 25-metre strike]SHOT then headed fractionally wide just before half-time. [79702 / p6]
  5. First [Blank]SHOOTER forced [Sylva]GOALKEEPER into a diving save [from fully 40 metres]SOURCE , then left-back Alexander Klitzpera struck a shot round the wall, but the ball curled just wide of the target. [79738 / p6]
  6. One minute before half-time [Johnsen]GOALKEEPER was forced into another diving save to deny Gianluca Zambrotta. [75293 / p5]

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GOALKEEPER [Goalkeeper] SHOOTER [Player] SHOT [Moving_Ball] SOURCE [On_The_Field_Location]

produced diving save Hildebrand
was forcing diving save from Nirthe Ghanaian
forced diving save from Petr CechMilan Baroš
drew diving save from TudorMaccaronewith a 25-metre strike
forced into diving save SylvaBlankfrom fully 40 metres
was forced into diving save Johnsen