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gather (verb)


  1. Benjani Mwaruwari had the home side's first effort but [his curling shot]SHOT was safely gathered [by goalkeeper Andreas Schranz]GOALKEEPER. [79734 / p4]
  2. [Blazek]GOALKEEPER, however, calmly gathered [the striker's dangerous-looking cross]SHOT. [1077168 / p5]
  3. Milan Pacanda tested Coupet from long range, hitting [a stinging shot]GOALKEEPER that [the French veteran]GOALKEEPER gathered at the second attempt, and curly-haired midfielder Lukáš Zelenka also had a good chance to increase the Czech side's lead on 21 minutes, but shot over instead. [1077168 / p6]
  4. A diagonal pass from Pirlo picked out Shevchenko but [the Ukrainian's side-foot volley]SHOT was gathered [by Gomes]GOALKEEPER. [1086475 / p5]
  5. Juninho's low free-kick was intended as a cross but when [Howard]GOALKEEPER failed to gather [the ball]BALL cleanly Cris was on hand to force the ball over the line. [1077152 / p7]

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BALL [Ball] GOALKEEPER [Goalkeeper] SHOT [Moving_Ball]

was gathered by goalkeeper Andreas Sch...his curling shot
gathered Blazekthe striker's dangerous-l...
gathered a stinging shot
was gathered by Gomesthe Ukrainian's side-foot...
to gather the ballHoward