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second_yellow_card (noun)


  1. The visitors ended the game with ten men after [Velice Šumulikoski]OFFENDER was shown a second yellow card [for unsporting behaviour]OFFENSE a minute from time [75142 / p2]
  2. The party atmosphere was temporarily disturbed when [Riquelme]OFFENDER was shown a second yellow card on 42 minutes [for retaliation]OFFENSE. [79965 / p5]
  3. The home side were reduced to ten men six minutes later when another Brazilian, defender Anderson Polga, was sent off when [he]OFFENDER picked up a second yellow card [for fouling Andreas Ivanschitz]OFFENSE, who was subsequently forced from the field. [79572 / p2]
  4. After [Stancic]OFFENDER was shown his second yellow card [for a foul on Thomas Häberli]OFFENSE, things seemed to be going downhill again for the Belgrade side, and although Petrovic tried to balance his midfield again, he could do nothing to prevent Eugster extending Young Boys' lead with a terrific 18-metre shot. [79228 / p6]
  5. The ball was loose, determined Drogba raised his boot but caught the keeper and [referee Anders Frisk]REFEREE promptly produced a second yellow card. [1081507 / p7]

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OFFENDER [Player] OFFENSE [Offense] REFEREE [Referee]

was shown second yellow card Velice Šumulikoskifor unsporting behaviour
was shown second yellow card Riquelmefor retaliation
picked up second yellow card hefor fouling Andreas Ivans...
was shown second yellow card Stancicfor a foul on Thomas Häbe...
produced second yellow card referee Anders Frisk