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dive (verb)


  1. Johnsen continued his personal duel with Miccoli when [he]PLAYER dived once again to turn away a dangerous free-kick from the Italian forward. [75293 / p5]
  2. [Anderlecht goalkeeper Daniel Zitka]PLAYER dived [at the onrushing Klose's feet]TARGET from Micoud's through pass, but the ball ran loose for Klasnic to fire into the net. [1077189 / p6]
  3. The Ferencváros goalkeeper confidently dealt with a series of crosses, then proved equally adept on the ground as [he]PLAYER dived [to his left]TARGET to block Paul Hartley's shot. [79725 / p4]
  4. Jones made amends moments later when [he]PLAYER dived [to his right]TARGET to turn away Ponomarev's low shot as Azerbaijan pressed forward. [75327 / p7]
  5. Mesika was denied by the feet of Vilnrotter, Ishmael Addo headed over and [the HJK custodian]PLAYER also dived bravely to prevent a Liran Cohen shot. [79237 / p6]

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PLAYER [Player] TARGET [On_The_Field_Location]

dived he
dived Anderlecht goalkeeper Dan...at the onrushing Klose's ...
dived heto his left
dived heto his right
dived the HJK custodian