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tangle (verb)


  1. By then, though, his side were one up, Jan Koller slotting in from the spot after [Florin Soava]PLAYER1 had tangled [with Martin Jiránek]PLAYER2 [at the back post]AREA in pursuit of Marek Heinz’s free-kick. [75146 / p5]
  2. [Jefferson Farfán]PLAYER1 tangles [with Lauren]PLAYER2, who was later sent off [1077218 / back1]
  3. The game exploded into life in the ninth minute when [Savage and Hughes]PLAYERS tangled [near the touchline]AREA. [75330 / p3]
  4. [Parma's Stefano Bettarini]PLAYER1 (left) tangles [with Stuttgart forward Cacau ]PLAYER2[79940 / back1]

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AREA [On_The_Field_Location] PLAYER1 [Player] PLAYER2 [Player] PLAYERS [Player]

had tangled at the back postFlorin Soavawith Martin Jiránek
tangles Jefferson Farfánwith Lauren
tangled near the touchlineSavage and Hughes
tangles Parma's Stefano Bettariniwith Stuttgart forward Ca...