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one-on-one (adjective)


  1. [Pisanu]PLAYER1 was sent through by Maccarone, and one-on-one [with Runje]PLAYER2 he made no mistake with his shot. [79710 / p5]
  2. The only surprise was that it took 22 minutes to fashion their first real chance as Ne split the defence with a beautiful pass to leave [Alexandre Tokpa]PLAYER1 one-on-one [with Portuguese goalkeeper Carlos Silva]PLAYER2, and the striker kept his composure to put the home side ahead. [79312 / p2]
  3. Monaco team simply withdrew even further back, but nearly paid for their defensiveness in 68th minute when [Jani Šturm]PLAYER1 found himself one-on-one [with Roma]PLAYER2 . [79370 / p5]
  4. It almost came after thrilling build-up play by Kewell who fed Cissé, only for [Roma]PLAYER2 to save brilliantly after being left one-on-one [with the Frenchman]PLAYER1. [1077145 / p8]
  5. A minute later, meanwhile, [Love]PLAYER1 threatened another goal when he outpaced Jean-Alain Boumsong and went one-on-one [with Klos]PLAYER2, but only won a corner for his efforts. [79352 / p4]

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PLAYER1 [Player] PLAYER2 [Player]

one-on-one Pisanuwith Runje
one-on-one Alexandre Tokpawith Portuguese goalkeepe...
found himself one-on-one Jani Šturmwith Roma
one-on-one with the FrenchmanRoma
went one-on-one Lovewith Klos