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foray (noun)


  1. That proved to be a rare foray forward [for the Greek side]TEAM, who were largely content to defend for the rest of the half. [1077169 / p5]
  2. Despite a last foray [by Rosenborg]TEAM, and the dismissal of Ji-Sung Park after the midfield player collected a second yellow card in added time, Guus Hiddink's side held on. [1077185 / p12]
  3. That effort ignited a flurry of [Barcelona]TEAM forays lead [by Ronaldinho]LEADING_PLAYER, but the Brazilian playmaker lacked precision with several attempts, including a soft shot at Dida after an excellent 35th-minute one-two with Larsson. [1077187 / p7]
  4. Despite the change, the Turkish visitors began to look increasingly comfortable on the ball, while [Sparta]TEAM forays [into the Fenerbahçe half]AREA were significantly rarer than in the opening period. [1077215 / p7]
  5. Anderlecht slowly built confidence with attacking forays [down the right flank]AREA and had their first clear look at goal when midfield player Walter Baseggio headed softly into the arms of Carini. [1077238 / p7]

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AREA [On_The_Field_Location] LEADING_PLAYER [Player] TEAM [Team]

foray for the Greek side
foray by Rosenborg
lead forays by RonaldinhoBarcelona
forays into the Fenerbahçe halfSparta
forays down the right flank