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squander (verb)


  1. The visitors were rocking and [Brandão]PLAYER squandered [an even better chance]OPPORTUNITY when he sliced Zvonimir Vukic’s centre wide of goal when only six metres out. [1077235 / p7]
  2. The home side had become the counterattacking team and [a great chance]OPPORTUNITY was squandered [by Poborský]PLAYER on 72 minutes. [1077183 / p7]
  3. The hosts started the second half brightly and Aliyev had [a succession of chances]OPPORTUNITY that [he]PLAYER squandered, first by miscontrolling the ball, then shooting wide before Paul Robinson cleared from off his toes. [75336 / p6]
  4. With half-time approaching, [Cristea]PLAYER squandered [a gilt-edged chance]OPPORTUNITY to give the Romanian side a half-time interval lead, taking too long to shoot when one-on-one with Reina. [80107 / p4]

Semantic relations


Frame elements

OPPORTUNITY [Opportunity] PLAYER [Player]

squandered an even better chanceBrandão
was squandered a great chanceby Poborský
squandered a succession of chanceshe
squandered a gilt-edged chanceCristea