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spurn (verb)


  1. But it was [Bartholomew Ogbeche]PLAYER who spurned [PSG's clearest chance to get back on terms before the interval]OPPORTUNITY, the 19-year-old forward shooting straight at Cech after cutting inside on to his right foot. [1077159 / p6]
  2. [Nedved]PLAYER then spurned [an opportunity]OPPORTUNITY himself [from close range]SOURCE as Juve finished the half in commanding fashion. [1077213 / p6]
  3. [Wales]TEAM spurned [two good opportunities]OPPORTUNITY at the start of the second half, with Bellamy and Simon Davies both blasting over. [75334 / p5]
  4. Longford, despite their poor recent form domestically, started brightest but [Sean Prunty]PLAYER spurned [a promising opportunity]OPPORTUNITY when firing the ball across the face of goal after a combination of Eric Lavine and Vinny Perth had robbed Vaduz captain Martin Stocklasa in midfield. [79066 / p3]

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Frame elements

OPPORTUNITY [Opportunity] PLAYER [Player] SOURCE [On_The_Field_Location] TEAM [Team]

spurned PSG's clearest chance to ...Bartholomew Ogbeche
spurned an opportunityNedvedfrom close range
spurned two good opportunitiesWales
spurned a promising opportunitySean Prunty