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at_home (adjective)


  1. [Armenia]HOST remained bottom without a point after four games and are at home [to Romania]VISITOR [the same day]TIME . [75149 / p7]
  2. [Belgium]HOST, yet to win in the group, are at home [to Serbia and Montenegro]VISITOR [on 17 November]TIME, when San Marino, with no points or goals from their three fixtures to date, welcome unbeaten Lithuania. [75362 / p6]
  3. [Group winners Chelsea FC]HOST are at home [against Paris Saint-Germain FC]VISITOR [in the section's other match]MATCH, as Porto ensured the battle for second place will go down to the wire. [1077224 / p2]

Semantic relations


Frame elements

HOST [Team] MATCH [Match] TIME [Time] VISITOR [Team]

are at home Armeniathe same dayto Romania
are at home Belgiumon 17 Novemberto Serbia and Montenegro
are at home Group winners Chelsea FCin the section's other ma...against Paris Saint-Germa...