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Match Scene


A match Match  
At home or away Home_Game   Away_Game  
Winning or Losing Result   Victory   Defeat   Draw  
Advancing or Bowing out Progression   Elimination  
Others Match_Temporal_Subdivision   Start_End_Match  


A match

The Match Scenario is centered around the event of two teams competing against each other. The two teams can bei either referred to individually as Team1 and Team2 or jointly as Teams. Often, the Match Location, i.e. the city or stadium in which the event takes place, can be mentioned. Most matches are part of a larger Competition like a league or a cup. In the latter case the Competition Stage to which the match belongs (e.g. the group phase or the quarter-finals) may be mentioned.

LUs for describing the fact that a match between two teams takes place are in the frame Match.

At home or away

Usually, the match takes place at one of the two teams' own stadium. In that case, this team is the Host, the other team is the Visitor.

The frame Home_Game contains LUs that describe that a match takes place from the host's point of view. The frame Away_Game contains LUs that take the opposite perspective.

Winning or Losing

When a match is over, the Final_Score is an acoount of how many goals each team has scored. If the number of goals for both teams is not equal, the team with fewer goals is the Loser, the other team the Winner.

LUs describing the outcome of a match without taking a particular perspective are in the frame Result. LUs describing the outcome of a match from the winner's point of view are in the frame Victory. LUs describing the outcome of a match from the loser's point of view are in the frame Defeat. LUs describing the outcome of a match in which both teams have scored an equal number of goals are in the frame Draw.

Advancing or Bowing out

If the match takes place as a part of a cup competition, a consequence of the outcome of a match is that the winner will progress from the current stage of the competition to the Next Round.

The frame Progression contains LUs describing this consequence from the winner's point of view. LUs in the frame Elimination take the opposite perspective.


The frame Match_Temporal_Subdivision contains LUs describing temporal subparts (e.g. a half-time) of a match. LUs in the frame Start_End_Match describe actions and events by which a game or a temporal subpart of a game are started or ended.