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finish (verb)


  1. [Nimni]SHOOTER finished [from close range]SOURCE after Yossi Benayoun's sensational solo run into the area saw him slip past two defenders before dragging the ball back for his strike partner . [75276 / p2]
  2. He first seemed to run out of options as [he]SHOOTER was forced wide but then turned inside to take on Roma and finished [with his left foot]PART_OF_BODY [from close range]SOURCE . [1077145 / p9]
  3. [Kezman]SHOOTER broke into the area from the left and finished superbly, shooting past Proto to make the score 2-0. [75364 / p5]
  4. Julio Cruz sent Adriano into the area, and [the striker]SHOOTER made no mistake, finishing neatly [with the outside of his left foot]PART_OF_BODY to loosen the holders' grip on the trophy. [1081506 / p7]

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PART_OF_BODY [Part_Of_Body] SHOOTER [Player] SOURCE [On_The_Field_Location]

finished Nimnifrom close range
finished with his left foothefrom close range
finished Kezman
finishing with the outside of his l...the striker