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lurk (verb)


  1. An ill-advised back-pass by Jirí Homola was picked up by the grateful [Van Nistelrooij]RECIPIENT, lurking [behind the Sparta defence]TARGET. [1077199 / p5]
  2. De Boeck made another vital clearance ten minutes later, arriving just in time to cut out Klasnic's cross with [Klose]RECIPIENT lurking. [1077205 / p9]
  3. With the home side hungrier in the early exchanges, captain Francesco Totti and midfielder Mancini sought out Montella, while Olivier Dacourt and De Rossi held possession in the centre, but Dynamo were probing, with [Rincon]RECIPIENT lurking [behind Verpakovskis]TARGET, Kleber finding room on the left and Oleh Husyev looking to drop in crosses from the right. [1077148 / p5]
  4. The game started at a brisk pace, and the home side soon threatened as a deep cross by Ioannis Skopelitis was taken one-handed by Angelo Peruzzi with [Emmanouel Psomas]RECIPIENT lurking [at the far post]TARGET. [79757 / p4]
  5. On 18 minutes Arveladze made good progress through the heart of the Amica defence, and as he was challenged the ball deflected straight to [Løvenkrands]RECIPIENT lurking [on the edge of the penalty area]TARGET. [79735 / p5]

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RECIPIENT [Player] TARGET [On_The_Field_Location]

lurking Van Nistelrooijbehind the Sparta defence
lurking Klose
lurking Rinconbehind Verpakovskis
lurking Emmanouel Psomasat the far post
lurking Løvenkrandson the edge of the penalt...