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get_away (verb)


  1. [He]PLAYER_WITH_BALL showed marvellous determination and skill to get away [from Cocu]OPPONENT_PLAYER and get around Ooijer, and his pull-back was helped goalwards by Vieira with the ball slipping over the line off luckless PSV defender Alex. [1077154 / p7]
  2. [Alexandro Garpozis of Cyprus]PLAYER_WITH_BALL (left) tries to get away [from Switzerland's Daniel Gygax]OPPONENT_PLAYER [75280 / back1]
  3. Kuranyi was nearly on the scoresheet himself when [Cacau]PLAYER_WITH_BALL did well to get away [from his man]OPPONENT_PLAYER. [79769 / p5]
  4. Arsenal then enjoyed a good spell before the break and Oliver Kahn came to his side's rescue with a crucial block when [Henry]PLAYER_WITH_BALL got away [down the left]AREA. [1081504 / p7]
  5. A second Dinamo goal would really have had Stuttgart panicking, and when [Eduardo Da Silva]PLAYER_WITH_BALL got away [down the right]AREA Pranjic could not apply a scoring finish to the cross. [79769 / p9]
  6. Barcelona had anticipated a fierce onslaught from the home side in the early stages but instead it was they who dominated possession and were first to work a good position as [Juliano Belletti]PLAYER_WITH_BALL got away. [1081508 / p4]

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Frame elements

AREA [On_The_Field_Location] OPPONENT_PLAYER [Player] PLAYER_WITH_BALL [Player]

get away from CocuHe
tries to get away from Switzerland's Daniel...Alexandro Garpozis of Cyp...
did well to get away from his manCacau
got away down the leftHenry
got away down the rightEduardo Da Silva
got away Juliano Belletti