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roll (verb)


  1. Benayoun was tripped after dispossessing Costas Kaiafas on the edge of his own area and although Panagiotou managed to parry Nimni's powerful free-kick, [the ball]BALL rolled [to Adoram Keisi]TARGET who finished coolly. [75276 / p5]
  2. The Milan captain misjudged a Hartson flick-on allowing [the ball]BALL to roll [under his feet]PATH [ten metres out]AREA , but the English forward was taken by surprise and failed to take advantage. [1077236 / p8]
  3. Sparta captain Karel Poborský, who won his 100th international cap last week, almost won the match in audacious style 13 minutes from time but [his clever back-heel]MOVING_BALL rolled just [wide of the far post]TARGET . [79347 / p6]
  4. Lyon, however, who had been restricted to long-range efforts for most of the first half, were more than happy to rain on Ferguson's parade when Diarra unleashed a speculative effort from distance which squirmed out of Carroll's grasp, and [the ball]BALL rolled [into the net]TARGET . [1077216 / p8]

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Frame elements

AREA [On_The_Field_Location] BALL [Ball] MOVING_BALL [Moving_Ball] PATH [On_The_Field_Location] TARGET [On_The_Field_Location]

rolled the ballto Adoram Keisi
to roll ten metres outthe ballunder his feet
rolled his clever back-heelwide of the far post
rolled the ballinto the net