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evade (verb)


  1. The 35-year-old goalkeeper had an escape a minute later as [a mis-hit ball by Emerson]MOVING_BALL somehow evaded [Kahn]RECIPIENT who allowed the ball to fall virtually on the goalline but a charging Del Piero was unable to seize on the mistake. [1077181 / p7]
  2. But the home side were rewarded for their efforts a minute before half-time, [Vladimir Bystrov's cross]MOVING_BALL evading [Kerzhakov]RECIPIENT but eventually falling to Arshavin, who found the corner of the net. [79739 / p4]
  3. The visitors were stunned 14 minutes from time as [Beck's searching free-kick]MOVING_BALL evaded [everybody]RECIPIENT and caught out Ricardo to level the scores. [75231 / p8]
  4. After beating three defenders, he squared to Khomukha, [whose cool finish]MOVING_BALL evaded [the flailing Waldemar Piatek]RECIPIENT to give the home side the narrowest of leads for the second leg on 26 August. [79286 / p2]

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MOVING_BALL [Moving_Ball] RECIPIENT [Player]

evaded a mis-hit ball by EmersonKahn
evading Vladimir Bystrov's crossKerzhakov
evaded Beck's searching free-kic...everybody
evaded whose cool finishthe flailing Waldemar Pia...