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set-piece (noun)


  1. There was still time for [Romashchenko]EXECUTING_PLAYER to cap a splendid individual performance by scoring his second spectacular goal of the night, rivalling Totti's earlier free-kick by sending his set-piece [high into the net]TARGET [from distance]SOURCE. [75301 / p6]
  2. Chances were few and far between and it was no surprise when it was a set-piece that led to Poland retaking the lead. [75331 / p6]
  3. But even with that disadvantage, it was Sporting who threatened most, [Viana]EXECUTING_PLAYER sending a [35-metre]SOURCE set-piece narrowly [wide]TARGET. [79942 / p8]
  4. CSKA hardly deserved to go in one goal down so it was a shattering blow to concede a second just on the half-time whistle, Gudjohnsen drifting away from his marker to head in [Duff's]EXECUTING_PLAYER set-piece. [1077191 / p8]
  5. The Czech Republic striker's hard work was rewarded with a Liverpool goal as García flicked on [Steven Gerrard's]EXECUTING_PLAYER set-piece for centre-back Hyypiä to crash a left-foot folley beyond Gianluigi Buffon, beaten just twice in the competition before tonight. [1084879 / p5]
  6. After earlier testing Finland goalkeeper Antii Niemi twice from well-executed set-pieces, the Chelsea FC player made it third-time lucky with a 22-metre free-kick that flew into the top right-hand corner. [75140 / p3]

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EXECUTING_PLAYER [Player] SOURCE [On_The_Field_Location] TARGET [On_The_Field_Location]

sending set-piece Romashchenkofrom distancehigh into the net
sending set-piece Viana35-metrewide
set-piece Duff's
set-piece Steven Gerrard's
well-executed set-pieces