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convert (verb)


A player (PLAYER) seizes an opportunity (OPPORTUNITY) to score a goal. The source (SOURCE) and target (TARGET) of the ball can be mentioned.


  1. Andorra then gave the home fans something to cheer when [Marc Pujol]SCORER converted [a penalty]SET_PIECE just before half-time. [75145 / p4]
  2. [US Lecce midfield player Eremenko]SCORER turned goalscorer 20 minutes later, converting [a free-kick from 20 metres]SET_PIECE [into the top left-hand corner of the Armenian goal]TARGET . [75148 / p4]
  3. Turkey thought they had opened the scoring in the 32nd minute, only for an offside flag to curtain their celebrations after [Hasan]SCORER had converted [Hakan Sükür's lay-off]MOVING_BALL . [75182 / p4]
  4. [The Wisla Kraków striker]SCORER converted [a Miroslaw Szymkowiak cross]MOVING_BALL with less than five minutes remaining to finally break the deadlock and deny the visitors a point. [75340 / p2]
  5. That manifested itself in a third goal in the 70th minute, James Milner skipping to the by-line and turning the ball back for [Kluivert]SCORER , recalled to the side, to convert [from close range]SOURCE . [80111 / p6]
  6. However, it only went as far as Jermaine Jenas and [his cutback]MOVING_BALL was converted [by Bowyer]SCORER , who squeezed the ball under the Olympiacos goalkeeper. [80112 / p6]
  7. After 23 minutes Pierre-Fanfan slid in to block one shot, and [Zhirkov]SCORER was unable to convert [the rebound]MOVING_BALL . [1077175 / p5]

Semantic relations


Frame elements

MOVING_BALL [Moving_Ball] SCORER [Player] SET_PIECE [Set_Piece] SOURCE [On_The_Field_Location] TARGET [On_The_Field_Location]

converted Marc Pujola penalty
converting US Lecce midfield player ...a free-kick from 20 metre...into the top left-hand co...
had converted Hakan Sükür's lay-offHasan
converted a Miroslaw Szymkowiak cro...The Wisla Kraków striker
to convert Kluivertfrom close range
was converted his cutbackby Bowyer
was unable to convert the reboundZhirkov