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rule_out (verb)


  1. The home side immediately made their positive intentions clear, with [Berbatov]SCORER having [a goal]GOAL ruled out in the second minute and Hristo Yanev hitting the crossbar with a long-range shot. [75395 / p4]
  2. In between, [McKenna]SCORER had [a goal]GOAL ruled out [for offside]IRREGULARITY , but Hearts were having little joy and before the break attacker Graham Weir was introduced. [79692 / p6]
  3. [Goal]GOAL ruled out [75186 / head6]
  4. Hartley did put the ball beyond Szücs moments later, but [his effort]GOAL was ruled out [for an earlier handball]IRREGULARITY . [79725 / p5]
  5. The cross was met by Márcio Nobre, who buried his effort only for [it]GOAL to be ruled out [by the referee]REFEREE [because the corner had floated out of play]IRREGULARITY . [1077167 / p5]

Semantic relations


Frame elements

GOAL [Goal] IRREGULARITY [Offense] REFEREE [Referee] SCORER [Player]

having ruled out a goalBerbatov
had ruled out a goalfor offsideMcKenna
ruled out Goal
was ruled out his effortfor an earlier handball
to be ruled out itbecause the corner had fl...by the referee