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Lineup Scene


Fielding a team Deploy   Start   Suspension  
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Fielding a team

This scenario is about decisions on the lineup of a team before a match. The main protagonist is the coach. Before a match the coach decides which player will start the match in which part of the team (e.g. in defense or midifeld). This necessarily also involves deciding that some players - not-players - will not start the match, but remain on the substitute's bench or do not take part in the match at all.

LUs describing the process of fielding a team from the coach's point of view are to be found in the frame Deploy. LUs describing the same action from the player's point of view are to be found in the frame Start. The frame Suspension contains LUs describing that a player cannot be fielded because of the results of a sanction he has received in a previous match.

Related frames

This scenario covers the decisions on the lineup before the match. A limited number of modifications to the lineup can be made during the match. This is covered by the scenario Substitution